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The Blood and its Third Element 1

The Blood and its Third Element 1

The Blood and its Third Element Publisher's Description

During his long and distinguished career as an academic and a researcher in 19th century France, Antoine Béchamp was widely known as both a teacher and an innovator. His work was widely documented in scientific circles. Few made as much use of this fact as the now famous Louis Pasteur, who set about plagiarising and distorting Béchamp's ideas and discoveries, and in doing so gained for himself an undeserved and unwarranted place in the history of medical science.
   This text contains, in great detail, the elements of Bechamp's Microzymian theory of the organization of living organisms and organic materials.
   It has immediate and far reaching relevance to the fields of immunology, bacteriology, and cellular biology, and it shows that more than 100 years ago, the germ, or microbian, theory of disease was demonstrated by Béchamp to be without foundation.
   The reader should be aware when reading The Blood and its Third Element that in formulating his microzymian theory of biological organisation, Béchamp in no way sought to establish it as the last word on the subjects of disease, its transmission, general physiology, or indeed the organisation of living matter itself. The Professor worked until a few weeks before his death; and if he were working now, he would no doubt still regard his work as unfinished.
   It is no accident but rather a vindication of Béchamp's theories that many researchers over the course of the twentieth century have arrived at conclusions in various disciplines that support the microzymian model.
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